DiMarzio Transition Guitar Pickups for Steve Lukather

Legendary TOTO guitarist, solo artist, and first-call session player extraordinaire, Steve Lukather talks about the DiMarzio Transition™ pickups created for his ...

DiMarzio Gravity Storm Guitar Pickups for Steve Vai

Coming August 14, 2012 — New Gravity Storm™ Neck & Bridge Model pickups for Steve Vai. "Gravity Storm" song clip from Steve Vai's new album, "The Story of ...

Periphery's DiMarzio Gear

Periphery about getting their DiMarzio guitar pickups, cables and straps.

Eddie Ojeda, Twisted Sister, and Eddie's DiMarzio® gear

Eddie Ojeda talks about his first hand-wound Super Distortion® pickup, his DiMarzio® cables and straps, and his solo projects.

Jay Jay French, Twisted Sister, and Jay Jay's DiMarzio® gear

Jay Jay French talks about using one of the first Super Distortion® pickups, playing guitar in New York City, his DiMarzio® gear, and the reunion of Twisted ...

John Petrucci and his DiMarzio® Pickups.

john petrucci, music man, dream theater, crunch lab, liquifire, larry dimarzio, dimarzio pickups, music man jpx, suspended animation, black clouds and silver ...

Just Another Day at the Office with Ron Thal

Guitarist Ron Thal discusses his Tone Zone® and Chopper™ DiMarzio® pickups, touring with Guns N' Roses and his Vigier Signature guitars.

Joe Trohman, The Damned Things and his DiMarzio® gear

Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy and The Damned Things talks about the new The Damn Things album, Ironiclast, and his DiMarzio® pickups and ClipLock® straps.

DiMarzio Day at Musicians Institute featuring Billy Sheehan and Greg Howe

Excerpts from the DiMarzio Day clinic at Musicians Institute. Billy Sheehan talks about his tone and set up. Greg Howe plays "Kick It All Over" and "Proto ...

DiMarzio Day at Musicians Institute featuring Greg Howe and Billy Sheehan

Excerpts from the DiMarzio Day clinic at Musicians Institute. Greg Howe talks about linear tapping and other techniques. Greg plays "Pepper Shake" and "Jump ...