Steve Vai Print — Art Guitar Strap White

Steve Vai Print — Art Guitar Strap White
Strap Color

Steve Vai has used DiMarzio® ClipLock® Quick Release Guitar Straps for over twenty years. Naturally, we were delighted and honored when Steve agreed to collaborate with us to produce the signature Steve Vai ClipLock® Guitar Straps. We are pleased to offer a standard version of Steve’s Art straps.

Steve made one of his original paintings available to DiMarzio®, and we duplicated it in order to create the Steve Vai Art strap. Steve said, “I only had two rules when painting: no thinking and no criticizing the work. I found this to be tremendously liberating. It’s like automatic writing and there is no such thing as a mistake.”

This strap is made of high quality printed microfiber, and the strap ends are stitched leather and button on to an electric guitar. A leather tie-cord is included for use on an acoustic guitar.

The Steve Vai Art Strap is also available with a black background.

Strap Length

Standard - Adjusts from 32 to 56.6 inches (81 - 144 cm)

2 inches (5 cm)
Strap Material
Microfiber with leather ends