Cordura® ClipLock® Guitar Strap

Cordura® ClipLock® Guitar Strap
Strap Color

When Larry DiMarzio invented the Cliplock® strap, he felt that environmental sustainability begins with innovations that last. The DiMarzio Cliplock® strap has been manufactured in the USA with this in mind since the early 1980s.

Using Cordura adds an option to the already famous nylon seatbelt Cliplock® — the fabric is air-textured. Air texturing delivers more grip and less slide to the strap while keeping the renowned safety, comfort, and feel of the original Cliplock® strap. Cordura is engineered to the demanding specifications of the US military to be durable, strong, and lightweight.

All DiMarzio® Cliplock® Straps feature the same heavy-duty plastic clip making it easy to change from guitar to guitar with a little bit of fingertip pressure.

Cliplock® Quick Release Guitar Straps have been road tested for years by Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Vivian Campbell, Corey Taylor, Joe Duplantier, Christian Martucci, Mark Damon, Jim Root, and many other arena artists. Cliplock® Guitar Straps are the industry standard for strength, security, and quality.

All Cliplock® straps include two sets of screws with matching metal bushings and plastic washers that are sized to fit most electric guitars and basses. Cliplock® straps are also available in two lengths: Standard (43.5”-63.5” / 110 - 161 cm) and Extra Short (39”-56.5” / 99 - 144 cm). Length Extenders are also available here.

Strap Length

Standard - Adjusts from 43.5 to 63.5 inches (110 - 161 cm)

Extra Short - Adjusts from 39 to 56.5 inches (99 - 144 cm)

2 inches (5 cm)
Strap Material
Cordura® with ClipLock® ends