3 Inch Nylon ClipLock® Guitar Strap

3 Inch Nylon ClipLock® Guitar Strap
Strap Color


Our wide ClipLock® guitar straps are the three inch version of our original ClipLock® straps. They're recommended for basses or heavy instruments requiring the support of a wider area of contact with your shoulder.

The ClipLock® Quick Release Guitar Strap system is the most secure and unique fastening method available. Introduced in 1982, our straps were the first to feature a heavy-duty plastic clip that allows you to easily change from guitar to guitar or to remove the strap for storage. They are strong enough to meet military specifications and easily hold 150 pounds, yet they release with a little fingertip pressure. The strap material is made from high quality nylon webbing identical to car seatbelts. The ClipLock® attaches securely to your guitar body with two sturdy brass bushings and extra-long screws (included).


Strap Length
Standard - Adjusts from 43 to 63 inches (110 - 160 cm)

Extra Short - Adjusts from 39 to 56.5 inches (99 - 144 cm)
3 inches (7.5 cm)
Strap Material
Nylon with ClipLock® ends