Tele® Wiring Harness with 3-Way Switch and 250k Pots

Tele® Wiring Harness with 3-Way Switch and 250k Pots
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Our prewired drop-in Tele® control plate adds another level of improvement to the sound and feel of a DiMarzio pickup upgrade. It all starts with the choice of a .022 Sprague orange drop capacitor added to our DiMarzio-designed custom taper pots. This assembly makes upgrading your Tele® seamless and requires minimal soldering.

Our pots were first built over 45 years ago, and we wanted them to have the smooth feel and graduated taper found on some vintage 50s guitars. Using a 10-step rotary switch, we created a taper that works with DiMarzio pickups. It’s neither a linear nor audio taper pot -- it's DiMarzio's custom taper. To further increase reliability, we make the center shaft and threaded parts from solid machined brass instead of cheap castings.

We’ve sound tested dozens of capacitors from various suppliers, too, and our winner is clear: the Sprague.

All wiring is done with cloth-covered vintage style 22-gauge push back wire, making all the final connections easier. DiMarzio prewired circuits are all hand assembled and tested in the USA, and each one features the best sound-tested parts available.


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