Richie Kotzen Strat® Replacement Pickguard

Richie Kotzen Strat® Replacement Pickguard
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Known for his playing style that mixes rock, blues, jazz, fusion, and soul, Richie Kotzen is a stellar singer, songwriter, and guitar player. Although he was primarily known for playing Telecaster® in the band Poison, Fender Japan released two signature Richie Kotzen Stratocaster® models in 1996 that came equipped with DiMarzio pickups.

Featuring electronics like Richie’s signature model Stratocaster® by Fender Japan, the Richie Kotzen pickguard has solderless connectors for easy installation on any guitar with a standard 11-hole pickguard.

It comes with a 5-way switch, and the custom pickups are wired as single coils but will also be humbucking in the 2 and 4 positions. The center pickup has a reverse magnet.

These pickups are medium gain, so they’re very articulate. Even with distortion, each and every note can be heard. The tone is punchy and percussive with that bright Strat® transparency.

The Richie Kotzen Strat® Replacement Pickguard features white pickups and is available in Pearl White.

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Alnico 5
8.50 Kohm
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