HSH Split Humbucker 2 & 4 Wiring Harness

HSH Split Humbucker 2 & 4 Wiring Harness
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The heart of this drop-in prewired Strat® harness is our custom designed 500K pot. First built over 45 years ago, we wanted the smooth feel and graduated taper found on some vintage 50s guitars. Using a 10-step rotary switch, we created a taper that works with DiMarzio pickups. It’s neither a linear nor audio taper pot -- it's DiMarzio's custom taper. To further increase reliability, we make the center shaft and threaded parts from solid machined brass instead of cheap castings.

This kit also features a premium CRL 5-way switch and Switchcraft output jack, as well as both black and white switch tips.

DiMarzio wiring harnesses are all hand assembled and tested in the USA. We use the best sound-tested parts available from Switchcraft®, Sprague®, and CTS®, and we include vintage-style cloth wire.

Ideal for the following switching configuration:

  1. Bridge
  2. Bridge Split and Middle
  3. Middle
  4. Neck Split and Middle
  5. Neck

Component List:

2x DiMarzio Custom Taper Potentiometers – 500K
Sprague Orange Drop Capacitor - .022uf, 100v
Gavitt Vintage Hookup Wire – 22 Gauge
CRL Five-way Switch
Switchcraft Output Jack

*Please note: these are direct replacements for the standard 3/8-inch (9.525mm) holes found on most Fender® guitars. Some enlargement may be required for non-standard or import-specific hole diameters.


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