Four-Way Switch for Tele®

Four-Way Switch for Tele®

Get the most out of your Tele® and a boost in output as well.

Traditional Telecaster® switches are wired for either bridge, bridge and neck (in parallel), or neck position connected with a Tele® 3-Way lever switch.

Our Tele® 4-Way lever switch makes the improvement over vintage wiring by offering a fourth position that connects the bridge and neck pickups in series (this is in addition to the traditional three standard pickup settings). Putting the bridge and neck pickups in series provides higher output and fatter tone.

This type of wiring is standard on the Richie Kotzen Signature Fender Telecaster®; however, Fender uses a rotary switch and we prefer the lever switch since it’s faster to use when playing live.

We recommend using this wiring with our Twang King neck and Chopper T in the bridge position for some extra gain and warmer sound.

Our switch is a direct replacement and requires no modification the Tele® control plate. The black "top-hat" switch tip and mounting screws are included.

Richie Kotzen 4-Way Tele® Wiring Diagram


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The Oak Grigsby 4-way blade switch allows you to combine 2 pickups in series for increased output and fatter tone. No modifications are needed for this upgrade as it is a direct replacement for any guitar using a 3-way blade switch.