Copper Shielding Tape

Copper Shielding Tape

DiMarzio was founded on the spirit of continuous improvement and a passionate reverence for our vintage roots. Our parts hold to these same ideals, because we know that the performance of your pickups is only as good as the parts connecting them. So, we searched the industry for the most robust, reliable, and finest sounding electrical parts to offer our customers, including many parts that are custom-built specifically for DiMarzio.

One of the keys to superior tone and the strongest signal is through properly shielding and grounding the guitar. Our copper shielding tape is 3 Mil thick, so that it’s sturdy enough to accept solder and still malleable enough to work around the tight corners of an electronics cavity or rest comfortably under pots and switches. Adhesive backing makes it easy to apply, and the size of each strip is 3½ by 24 inches.

Please refer to our wiring diagrams for detailed schematics. 

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