500K Custom Taper Pot (High Pass Filter) for Volume

500K Custom Taper Pot (High Pass Filter) for Volume

Standard guitar pots limit your musical expression, only starting to deliver sound at about “3” on the dial and then never getting much louder above “7”. DiMarzio’s custom taper pot is made to solve that problem by precisely delivering the same ratio of signal-to-turn as an actual 10-position actuator. This provides players with audiophile-like control over dramatic volume swells and signal gain, so you can truly use the guitar’s total range. And don’t worry about wearing these out — each pot is rated to 10,000 cycles at 2,000 cycles per hour and is individually tested by DiMarzio to meet our rigid standards.

DiMarzio also understands that a pot has to feel as good as it sounds. The tech talk is that we engineered them with a low friction wiper pass and proprietary balance-damping lubricant. In plain terms, that means slick pinky flips and a pot that will still hold at any sweet spot on the dial. So, whether you just crank the guitar to 10, dizzy your audience with violin-esque swells, or prefer to control your gain through the guitar’s volume knob, DiMarzio’s pots put the control back in your hands. 

For the player who wants to turn down the volume without the typical loss of high end and presence, DiMarzio Custom Taper pots come pre-wired with a “high-pass” filter (also known as a “treble bleed” circuit). Our parallel-wired combination of a 560 pF capacitor and 300 kOhm resistor allow the pot to essentially maintain all of its articulation, attack, and highs, even at whisper levels. Ideal for humbuckers or single-coils, the DiMarzio Custom Taper pot gives players total access to their instrument’s lower ranges of gain and intensity without compromising nuance or tone.   

The split shaft and bushings are made from machined brass, just like the vintage originals, with 24 teeth and a 32-thread turn, a perfect fit for USA knobs, including DiMarzio, Fender®, and Gibson®. We also include two nuts, one dress washer, and a lock washer for easy installation. All of our pot casings are custom-plated for easy soldering.

*Please note, these are direct replacements for the standard 3/8-inch (9.525mm) holes found on most Fenders and Gibsons. Some enlargement may be required for non-standard or import-specific hole diameters.