In the studio with John Petrucci

John Petrucci (Dream Theater) talks about his new Music Man guitar, working with DiMarzio & Ernie Ball, his live performances v. studio work, technique ...

Andy Timmons Live at NAMM 2009

Andy Timmons talks about his new DiMarzio AT 1 guitar pickup and his new Ibanez guitar. The live concert is from NAMM 2009 and the song is "Gone".

Billy Sheehan - Thank You Billy Gibbons

Billy Sheehan relates the story of how he discovered hammer-ons at a ZZ Top show.

Billy Sheehan's Secret Trick

Billy Sheehan shares his secret trick in addition to other bass clinic excerpts including technique, three-finger picking style, stories and humor from one of the ...

Video clip from

Video clip from Joe Satraini, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Guitar World magazine, Steve Morse and Vintage Guitars, Earl Slick, photo ...

Larry DiMarzio & Earl Slick's Conversation "FAME"

Earl Slick and Larry DiMarzio talk about the early days working for David Bowie.

Larry DiMarzio and Earl Slick's Conversation " A Day in the Life"

Larry DiMarzio and Earl Slick talk about working with John Lennon and being a side man.

Larry DiMarzio and Earl Slick's Conversation " In the Beginning"

Earl Slick was one of the first musicians to use the DiMarzio Super Distortion guitar pickup on tour and on recordings. Others include Ace Frehley, Al DiMeola, ...

Guitar World's Paul Riario talks with Larry DiMarzio

Guitar World's Paul Riario talks with Larry DiMarzio about his new Strat pickups, his vintage '59 Gibson Les Paul and garage band stories with Gene Simmons ...

Guitar World Reviews DiMarzio's new True Velvet Pickups

Guitar World's Technical Editor, Paul Riario, takes a close up look at DiMarzio's new True Velvet pickups. Paul takes each pickup for a test drive so you can hear ...