Perfecto De Castro

Perfecto De Castro

My DiMarzio-equipped guitars helped establish my place in the annals of Philippine rock history. From singing melodic lines to in-your-face aggression, DiMarzios deliver with clarity and power.


Solo artist
Mystic Reign
Filipino-American Symphony Orchestra
Song: Awit ng Kabataan
Album: RiverMaya
Band: RiverMaya
Guitar Used: Mightek PDC Custom Green
Pickup Used: Dual Sound® - Bridge
Song: Mukha
Album: Who We Are
Band: Triaxis
Guitar Used: Ibanez UV77BK
Pickup Used: Blaze™ Neck Model - Neck
Song: Not All Wounds Bleed
Album: Single (2014)
Band: Mystic Reign
Guitar Used: Gibson Explorer Tremolo
Pickup Used: D Activator™ Bridge - Bridge
Song: Rock N' Roll TV
Album: Who We Are
Band: Triaxis
Guitar Used: PDC Custom II
Pickup Used: Steve’s Special™ - Bridge

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