Paul Gilbert photo Larry DiMarzio 2014

Paul Gilbert

“I bought my first Super Distortion® pickup when I was 13 years old. I loved the power and the sound, so I've been using DiMarzio pickups ever since. I love DiMarzio pickups!”


Rock, Shred


Mr. Big
Racer X
Solo Artist
Song: B.R.O
Album: Technical Difficulties
Band: Racer X
Guitar Used: Ibanez PGM
Pickup Used: The Humbucker From Hell® - Neck
Song: Fuzz Universe
Album: Fuzz Universe
Band: Paul Gilbert
Guitar Used: Ibanez Fireman
Pickup Used: Injector™ Bridge - Bridge
Song: Green Tinted Sixties Mind
Album: Lean Into It
Band: Mr. Big
Guitar Used: Ibanez PGM
Pickup Used: The Tone Zone® - Bridge
Song: Paul Gilbert video snip 1
Band: Paul Gilbert Solo
Guitar Used: Ibanez
Pickup Used: PAF® Master Bridge - bridge

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