Chris Buono

Chris Buono

“Playing everything from avant-jazz-funk to shred guitar, super heroics to fretless guitar forays to experimental audio madness — DiMarzio pickups always deliver. And that's a fact, Jack!”


Whatever comes his way...


Karsh Kale
Song: Steppin' Out
Album: Book of Storms
Band: Bedouin
Guitar Used: '73 Fender Bionic Strat
Pickup Used: Virtual Vintage® Blues - Neck
Song: Fumble Fingers
Album: The Alchemists II
Band: Chris Buono/Dave Martone
Guitar Used: '88 Ibanez Jem 777
Pickup Used: PAF Pro® - Neck
Song: Artesia
Album: Solitaire
Band: Chris Buono
Guitar Used: '73 Fender Bionic Strat
  • Discography
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  • Full Circle
  • When The Aliens Come
  • The Alchemists Vol. II

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