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Polepiece adjustment is intended to balance the volume between individual strings. The factory setting works for most players. If you don't hear any imbalance between the strings, there's no reason to adjust the poles.

Most humbuckers are symmetrical and their sound does not change at all when installed backwards. Humbuckers that are not mentioned in this FAQ sound the same when installed in either direction.

In addition to the Parker Fly Custom Neck model PHWP1 and Parker Fly Custom Bridge model PWHP2, which are currently standard on most recent Flys, we also offer Fly versions of the Humbucker From Hell®, PAF®,  PAF® bridge,  PAF Pro®,  PAF Joe™, FRED®,  Mo' Joe™, Norton®, Air Norton™, Air Zone™, Tone Zone®, Breed™ neck and bridge models, Air Classic™ neck and bridge, Bluesbucker™, AT-1™, EJ Custom™ neck and bridge models and LiquiFire™.

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All magnetic pickups produce a clean signal with no distortion. Distortion is produced either in the amplifier or in effects pedals or rack effects. When a pickup is said to produce distortion, it indicates a pickup with high output, which more easily drives amplifiers into distortion. An amplifier with a totally clean channel or clean setting may not distort at all, even with a high output pickup.

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