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The Cruiser® Neck


If you’re a serious traditional Strat® player, you probably won’t want to know about pickups with side-by-side coils. But if you’re the player who’s up for something more modern with no 60-cycle hum, string drop-outs or sustain-killing magnet pull, we designed The Cruiser® for you. Harmonic overtones are right where you expect them to be from a “true” single-coil, and the mid-range is open and vocal-sounding. It’s hotter than the traditional single-coil, and the bass strings have a bit more chunk; this is an excellent pickup to combine with medium-output humbuckers, and it maintains its tonal identity with high-gain amps and multiple effects.

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Recommended For

Neck position with DP187, or neck and middle with higher output bridge pickup or full-size humbucker.

Tech Talk

The obvious question about The Cruiser® is “How does it compare to a single-coil sound?” Our feeling is that the unwound strings (“E”, “B”, and “G”) are very close, and the wound strings (“D”, “A”, and low “E”) are a little fatter-sounding than a true single-coil. This is really effective for getting open-sounding chords, because high and low strings sound more spread out from each other. Having a total magnet pull that's about 40% less than standard single-coils also means The Cruiser® can be adjusted much closer to the strings for more power than stock pickups can achieve.


Wiring: 4 Conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output mV: 140
DC Resistance: 3.13 Kohm
Year of Introduction: 1994
Patent: 4501185

Tone Guide

Treble: 8.0
Mid: 4.5
Bass: 5.0

Color Options

Aged White
Mint Green

Jason Loughlin

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Song: Hello Tijuana, Goodbye Kidney
Album: Peach Crate
Band: Jason Loughlin
Guitar Used: Danelctro Baritone
Pickup Used: The Cruiser® Neck - Neck
Pickup Used: The Cruiser® Bridge - Middle

Marco Sfogli

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Song: Never Forgive Me
Album: There's Hope
Band: Marco Sfogli Band
Guitar Used: Rash Marco Sfogli Signature
Pickup Used: The Cruiser® Neck - Neck

Mattias Sonnemo

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Song: Liar
Album: Freakshow
Band: Timecode Alpha
Guitar Used: Blade Stratocaster
Pickup Used: The Cruiser® Neck - Neck

Steve Smith

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Song: I Hate Doughnuts_2
Album: Ten
Band: Steve Smith
Guitar Used: Ibanez RG550
Pickup Used: The Cruiser® Neck - Neck

Alessandro Benvenuti

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Art Rodriguez

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Bill Hart

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Kiko Loureiro

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Phil de Gruy

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Scott Hughes

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Scott Stine

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Tim Gibson

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