DP127W - Split P™

Split P™


Widen the sound of your gear with a Split P™ pickup. Each half of this unique double-blade P-style pickup is a complete humbucker. Split P™ pickups are EQ’d to expand the range of your bass by extending both low- and high-end response: a great way to get a broader contemporary sound from mid-rangy one-pickup-in-the-middle basses. The double-blade design adds snap for crisp attack and emphasizes cool overtones for big, smooth tone. Blade pole pieces also make the Split P™ very sensitive to finger- and pick-attack. Notes seem to ring longer, especially in the upper registers, as the pickup “hears” the decaying note practically down to a whisper.

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Middle position

Tech Talk

The Split P™ ability to reproduce both subtle dynamics and the full range of electric bass frequencies is particularly useful with fretless basses and modern bass amps. Biamping will demonstrate this pickups ability to reproduce top end, but the broad magnetic window of the dual-blade design enables the highs to stay fat and full.


Wiring: 4 Conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output mV: 250
DC Resistance: 19.16 Kohm
Year of Introduction: 1992
Patent: 4501185

Tone Guide

Treble: 6.0
Mid: 5.0
Bass: 8.0

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Dino Fiorenza

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Song: La promessa del Beduino
Album: Favole per Adulti
Band: Gianni de Chellis
Guitar Used: Vester Bass
Pickup Used: Split P™ - Middle

Chris McCarvill

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Jay Bentley

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Josh Newton

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