DP120 - Model One™

Model One™


Originally designed as a direct replacement for Gibson® EB series neck pickups, the Model One™ has found new life as a woofer/tweeter in multipickup bass setups. By combining the Model One™ with Split P™, DiMarzio Model P®, or DiMarzio Model J™ pickups, you can effectively turn your bass into a woofer/tweeter setup with on-board control of sonic extremes. By sending the Model One™ to a rig with an 18-inch speaker cabinet and plugging the other pickup’s output into your regular gear, you have the makings of a sound with earth-moving bottom and crisp, transparent high-end. What’s that sound like? Check out Billy Sheehan. It’s the monstrous sound he’s pioneered that’s made Rock shake for years.

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Recommended For

Neck position, narrow string spacing.

Tech Talk

Warm, full tone, no mud. For maximum high-end response, try 500K controls. For even brighter and cleaner sound, try switching the coils from series to parallel: the volume drops a bit, but the midrange really opens up and acquires a more acoustic quality.


Wiring: 4 Conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output mV: 200
DC Resistance: 11.31 Kohm
Year of Introduction: 1976
Patent: n/a

Tone Guide

Treble: 7.0
Mid: 5.0
Bass: 8.0

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