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The HS-3™ has been the weapon of choice for Strat®-powered classical metal since the early 1980s. Far from being a high-output monster, the HS-3™ is actually a smooth and relatively quiet pickup that produces a sweet overdrive tone without jagged edges. These qualities combine perfectly with a heavily distorted amp, because the sound won’t get muddy or messy. The HS-3™ is also versatile — it’s a noise-free pickup in a live situation or in the studio.

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Tech Talk

The HS-3™ works very well with high-gain amps, but the classic setup is with an overdrive pedal and a Marshall® amp. The pedal boosts sustain and distortion, and the sound cleans up dramatically when the pedal is switched off. Works well in all 3 positions on a Strat® for a slightly warmer-than-usual Strat® sound. Also works well as a bridge pickup with HS-4™ (neck) and HS-2™ (middle). Combines in middle and neck positions with bridge humbuckers like PAF Pro®, PAF®, Air Classic™, and Norton®.


Wiring: 4 Conductor
Magnet: Alnico 5
Output mV: 93
DC Resistance: 23.72 Kohm
Year of Introduction: 1980
Patent: 4442749

Tone Guide

Treble: 6.5
Mid: 6.0
Bass: 6.0

Color Options

Aged White
Mint Green

Joe Stump

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Song: No Forgiving
Album: Conquer and Divide
Band: Joe Stump's Reigh of Terror
Guitar Used: ESP Custom
Pickup Used: HS-3™ -
Song: Killer Instinct
Album: Speed Metal Messiah
Band: solo
Guitar Used: ESP Custom
Pickup Used: HS-3™ -
Song: 2001 A Shred Odyssey
Album: 2001 A Shred Odyssey
Band: solo
Guitar Used: ESP Custom
Pickup Used: HS-3™ -

Kevin Dillard

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Song: Moment of Clarity
Guitar Used: Jackson PC1
Pickup Used: HS-3™ -
Pickup Used: Super 3™ -

Mattias Sonnemo

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Song: The Party Groove
Band: Mattias Solo Project
Guitar Used: Fender® Strat®
Pickup Used: HS-3™ -

Joe Augello

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Kevin J. Hughes

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Llexi Leon

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Mike Orlando

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Neal Nagaoka

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