EP2900BKRD - M-Path Interconnect

M-Path Interconnect


The M-Path® Interconnect Cable is the upgrade to the DiMarzio® High Definition™ Interconnect Cable. Space-age ultrasonic welding totally eliminates solder from the connection, fusing the individual strands into a solid conductor that transforms the sound. M-Path® interconnects employ the same construction standards and components as our High Definition™ cables -- 16 AWG, FEP Fluoropolymerinsulated OFHC wire -- but the ultrasonic welding makes a difference on the molecular level. The difference is obvious. You'll hear increased dynamic range; greater detail; propulsive rhythm and drive; deep, powerful bass; effortless, extended highs; and a smoother, more precise musical presentation.

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Wire Gauge: AWG 16 x 2 OFHC with Dacron Center Core (1.32 mm2) AWG 22 drain (.325 mm2)
Diameter: 0.35 in. (8.89 mm)
Insulation: FEP Fluoropolymer
Capacitance: 71 pF/ft (233 pF/M) balanced or single-ended
Shield & Material: Two independently 100% foil shielded balanced line conductors
Jacket & Material: PVC + Nylon Overbraid
Resistance: 4.4 ohm/1,000 ft (14.4 ohm/KM)
Inductance: 0.1 µH/ft (0.3 µH/M)
Termination Method: Silver Solder

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