Cable NamePart No.sort iconLength
Crank Shaft Pedal Board CablePC36 in,12 in
Straight to Right Angle Pedal Board CablePC26 in,12 in
Straight to Straight Pedal Board CablePC16 in,12 in
High Def Speaker Cable: Phone EndsEP18003 ft,4 ft,6 ft
Jumper CableEP17J006 in,12 in,18 in,36 in
Steve Vai Signature™ CableEP1700SV10 ft,18 ft
Metallic Guitar CableEP1700M6 ft,10 ft,15 ft,18 ft,21 ft
John 5 Signature™ CableEP1700J510 ft,18 ft
Guitar CableEP17006 ft,10 ft,15 ft,18 ft,21 ft
Basic Guitar CableEP160010 ft,15 ft,18 ft,25 ft

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