EP1700J5 - John 5 Signature™ Cable
John 5
EP1700J5 - John 5 Signature™ Cable

John 5 Signature™ Cable


John 5 defies convention. He is a master of styles ranging from shred metal to bluegrass, and his gear has to meet or exceed the extreme demands of his performance. Enter the new DiMarzio® John 5 Signature™ Guitar Cable, developed to satisfy John 5. DiMarzio’s new John 5 Signature™ Cable is double-shielded to reduce hum, interference and stage noise while extending the frequency response — something that’s pretty important to John 5. The reduced capacitance cable is encased in a black braided jacket that protects the cable from damage and features custom-designed DiMarzio/Switchcraft plugs. An extra-long, aged copper-patina barrel engraved with John 5’s logo provides exceptional strain relief as well as style.

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Wire Gauge: AWG 20 (0.519 mm2)
Diameter: 0.237 in. (6.02 mm)
Insulation: Polyethylene inner with PVC outer
Capacitance: 33.27 pF/ft (109pF/M)
Shield & Material: Copper Braid + Conductive PVC 78%
Jacket & Material: PVC + Nylon Overbraid
Resistance: 8.8 ohm/1,000 ft (29 ohm/KM)
Inductance: 0.07 µH/ft (0.2 µH/M)
Termination Method: Silver Solder

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