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ron thalphoto by Larry DiMarzio

IHG: What was the deal with the one that had the bass neck bolted on it?

BF: Looking back I probably shouldn't have done those things to the guitars I did it to. That one was, I think, a reissue of a 50s Stratocaster. It was a really nice Stratocaster, but the thing would not stay in tune. It was real squealy. The neck was constantly bending all over the place, and to me the value of a guitar comes from how it is in your hands, not the name or the date. So I took the thing and I just chopped it up, and on the bottom horn I took a bass neck, I cut it in half at around the 7th fret, pulled all the frets off and refretted it to have the spacing that would fit a guitar that was starting at the 12th fret. I set it into the bottom horn of that Stratocaster and had a little Badass bridge that I spaced at the right spot, put a DiMarzio Super Distortion in there, and had this little mini guitar sticking out of the bottom horn. Every once in a while I would flick a toggle switch down to it and hit these notes that would just squeal and scream so hard. It was just brutal. Just that tone that would go right through you. I was playing at this place in Brooklyn, and at the end I was using that guitar, and I switched to that neck and was holding this one note, and the whole audience was holding their ears in pain. I was just like, ‘Yeah.’ I was loving torturing everybody. It was cool.

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Iron Maiden's Touring Gear

Adrian Smith Final Frontier Tour Photo

Over the last 35-plus years, and over 100 million records sold, Iron Maiden is arguably one of the greatest metal bands of all time. Nominated for a Grammy award for Best Metal Performance in 2011, there is no doubt the influence the band has had over a generation of bands and fans.

DiMarzio® Super Distortions™ have been a mainstay in Adrian Smith's guitars since they debuted on the market in 1972. Check out the backstage photos of Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers guitars at premierguitar.com. premier guitar


Interview with Billy Corgan on I Heart Guitar

billy corgan

IHG: That takes me to my next question as a guitar geek. How did your signature Fender Stratocaster come about?

BC:  [Laughs] Here’s a great rock n’roll story. I actually approached Fender around 1993, 1994 and I wanted to do a guitar because the band was really popular, and obviously we were playing big concerts full of kids. And they basically told me to fuck off. I think they said ‘We’ll sell you guitars at cost.’ They had no interest in a signature guitar, nothing, and I was really bummed out. And so, through Ginger, the last Smashing Pumpkins bass player – who had a Fender endorsement deal – I had got to meet some of the current Fender people, and I told them the same story, and they said ‘Oh all those people are long gone – we would love to do something with you. We were under the impression you wouldn’t do anything with us. That would be amazing. We were under the impression that you wouldn’t do anything with us.’ So when we sat down to have the meeting, they said ‘Look, we’ll build you whatever you want, we’ve done that with people, but what we really want is something a normal person, any kid can walk in and buy off the wall.’ It really reminded me of when I was poor… I’d go to Guitar Center and I would stand there and look at the wall and think ‘I can’t afford this stuff.’ So they said ‘Can we build a guitar that is a reasonably-priced guitar that anyone can buy?’ And I said ‘I’ll do you one better. Lets’ build a guitar that’s not just for people who play like me. Let’s build a guitar that anybody who plays hard rock or loud alternative music will want to use because it’s a versatile instrument.’ And they said ‘That would be amazing.’ So we worked on that together. It’s not a radical redesign. My whole thing is, I want a heavy guitar that sounds like a Strat. I don’t want a Fender that sounds like a Gibson, with a humbucker dropped in it. So I worked with Steve Blucher from DiMarzio pickups and got my own custom-made pickups from him. He’s a brilliant guy. And nothing makes me happier than to have a musician walk up to me and go ‘Man, I got your guitar and I fuckin’ love it.’ And I’m really proud of it for that. We just had a meeting again and we’re gonna try to do a new-new version with some of the newer technologies that are coming out. We’re really excited about that. I’m actually right now waiting to get some prototypes of the new concepts. 

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Larry DiMarzio Answers Premier Guitar Readers' Questions

larry portrait

Larry DiMarzio answered 10 questions from Premier Guitar readers in their regular feature Go Ahead And Ask. An excerpt from the column follows:

Not only is DiMarzio a significant manufacterer in the pickup world, he was the first gearhead to figure out how to mass-market replacement pickups. Starting with the introduction of the Super Distortion™ and Dual Sound™ pickups in 1971, players could finally swap their guitars' stock pickups for something different. You could say that changed everything. Think about it: A new world of drive and power was just a quick modification away -- you no longer had to buy a new amp, pedal, guitar (or all three) to try to change the fundamental tone that served as the basis of your sound.

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Tony McAlpine's New Project

tony mcalpinePhoto by Alex Solca


From I Heart Guitar:

Tony MacAlpine is guitar royalty. From his classic early solo albums such as Edge Of Insanity to the M.A.R.S project with Tommy Alrdige, Rudy Sarzo and Rob Rock to CAB (with Bunney Brunel and Dennis Chambers) to Planet X with drummer Virgil Donati to Steve Vai’s The Breed with Billy Sheehan, Jeremy Colson and Dave Wiener, MacAlpine’s resume reads like a who’s who of virtuosity. MacAlpine and Donati have crossed paths with Mark Boals before via Boals’ Ring Of Fire projects but but they’ve now formed a new band, Seven The Hardway, a heavy-hitting, prog/metal/rock hybrid who will release their debut album on August 30 on Mascot/Provogue Records. I caught up with MacAlpine amid rehearsals for Seven The Hardway’s European tour.

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Announcing New Solderless Pickguards and Pickup Sets

billy corgan strat

The Billy Corgan Pre-Wired Strat Replacement Pickguard by DiMarzio®.

DiMarzio® now offers pre-wired pickguards and pickup sets with solderless installation.  The prewired pickguards are direct drop-in replacements with no soldering or assembly required. The prewired sets include all pickups and controls ready to install and connect with no soldering.

Pickguards are available for Strat and P Bass. Pre-wired pickup sets are available for Tele, Gibson® Les Paul® and J Bass.


John Petrucci's Dream Team

Crunch Lab DP228

In the November 2009 issue of Guitar World Magazine, Eric Kirkland says the bottom line about John Petrucci's DiMarzio® Crunch Lab™ & LiquiFire™ pickups is this: The tones produced by these pickups are musical, harmonically deep, and well defined. Although they are best suited to shredders that want a thick and articulate sound, their magic won't be lost through a bone-clean amp. Better still for Petrucci fans, these two pickups are the quickest way to get the guitarist's formerly elusive tone.

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Pimp Yer’ Strat


Vintage Guitar Magazine's Pete Prown reviews the True Velvet™ and Area Single Coils.

“Ultimately,” says Prown, “any Strat-loving guitarist is going to like the True Velvet™ or Area Single Coils. Both present excellent vintage-style sounds, and no matter which you choose, they'll kick your tone up a notch.”

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Steve Vai Signature™ cable in the Winners' Circle

DiMarzio® Steve Vai Signature™ Cable in the Winners' Circle for Guitar Player Magazine's Gear Fight Club.

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