DiMarzio Endorser Page Hamilton Interview


Excerpt from GuitarEdge.com: Helmet guitarist Page Hamilton says people are confused by his journey into rock music. After all, it doesn't seem logical that someone who has studied classical and jazz guitar would end up forming a band like Helmet. But to Hamilton, the progression makes perfect sense. Here, Hamilton talks about working with DiMarzio.
GE: Is there a certain setup that you go for, as far as pickups, amps, and pedals?
 PH: I'm loyal to people who are loyal to me. Steve Blucher and DiMarzio designed these Air Zone pickups for me a million years ago. He would patiently come to my rehearsal space and hear me play, and come back with a new pickup and have me try it again. And these pickups really sound amazing. I play ESP guitars and have for a million years. Fryette amps are fantastic. I use the 100-watt Ultra Lead heads.
GE: Let's talk about your ESP signature guitars.
PH: The first, the ESP Page Hamilton Signature, came out in '06, and I helped design that with the finish and DiMarzio pickups. I moved the knobs to where I like them, which is away from everything.
The other, the ESP Horizon Custom Magenta, came about because I had an original ESP Horizon Custom from the late '80s with a distressed magenta finish. So we released a version of the guitar with a maple neck-through body design, Floyd Rose bridge, Gotoh tuners, and DiMarzio Air Zone pickups designed for me by Steve Blucher. I have my original and one of the newer versions on the road, and they matched it really well.


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