Chris Broderick's New Jackson Guitar

broderick_new_guitarphoto by Peter Hodgson

Chris says of his new axe:

“I love it. It’s great. You can just feel the balance, the way it sits. It doesn’t want to drop at all on its neck. It’s awesome. When I look at the fretboard radius, I know it’s a 12-inch. I love that. I love the curve of a fretboard radius. The quilted maple lining is awesome. Even the way they’ve beveled it from the top into the neck. It almost looks seamless; as seamless as you could possible make it. It’s beautiful. Killer. Can’t wait to play it.”

Broderick played his new guitar for the first time during a Megadeth concert in Anaheim, CA, at the NAMM show.

The guitar is loaded with custom DiMarzio® humbuckers in the neck and bridge.


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