Music Man's Game Changer Features DiMarzio Humbuckers

game changer guitar

The revolutionary new guitar from Ernie Ball/Music Man features custom DiMarzio humbuckers. The Game Changer won this year's best in show at NAMM 2011. Check out the Game Changer at


Ron Thal and Guthrie Govan Jam at NAMM

photo by Larry DiMarzio

DiMarzio® endorser Ron Thal (aka Bumblefoot) and Guthrie Govan jam at the Vigier Guitars booth at NAMM 2011.


Chris Broderick's New Jackson Guitar

broderick_new_guitarphoto by Peter Hodgson

Chris says of his new axe:

“I love it. It’s great. You can just feel the balance, the way it sits. It doesn’t want to drop at all on its neck. It’s awesome. When I look at the fretboard radius, I know it’s a 12-inch. I love that. I love the curve of a fretboard radius. The quilted maple lining is awesome. Even the way they’ve beveled it from the top into the neck. It almost looks seamless; as seamless as you could possible make it. It’s beautiful. Killer. Can’t wait to play it.”

Broderick played his new guitar for the first time during a Megadeth concert in Anaheim, CA, at the NAMM show.

The guitar is loaded with custom DiMarzio® humbuckers in the neck and bridge.


Grammy Nominations for DiMarzio® Players

Congratulations to Lamb of God and Iron Maiden for their recent Grammy Nominations for Best Metal Performance. Best of luck to all the nominees.

Mark Morton

Lamb of God (Mark Morton) for "In Your Words" from Wrath

adrian smith

Iron Maiden (Adrian Smith) for "El Dorado" from The Final Frontier


DiMarzio Endorser Page Hamilton Interview


Excerpt from Helmet guitarist Page Hamilton says people are confused by his journey into rock music. After all, it doesn't seem logical that someone who has studied classical and jazz guitar would end up forming a band like Helmet. But to Hamilton, the progression makes perfect sense. Here, Hamilton talks about working with DiMarzio.
GE: Is there a certain setup that you go for, as far as pickups, amps, and pedals?
 PH: I'm loyal to people who are loyal to me. Steve Blucher and DiMarzio designed these Air Zone pickups for me a million years ago. He would patiently come to my rehearsal space and hear me play, and come back with a new pickup and have me try it again. And these pickups really sound amazing. I play ESP guitars and have for a million years. Fryette amps are fantastic. I use the 100-watt Ultra Lead heads.
GE: Let's talk about your ESP signature guitars.
PH: The first, the ESP Page Hamilton Signature, came out in '06, and I helped design that with the finish and DiMarzio pickups. I moved the knobs to where I like them, which is away from everything.
The other, the ESP Horizon Custom Magenta, came about because I had an original ESP Horizon Custom from the late '80s with a distressed magenta finish. So we released a version of the guitar with a maple neck-through body design, Floyd Rose bridge, Gotoh tuners, and DiMarzio Air Zone pickups designed for me by Steve Blucher. I have my original and one of the newer versions on the road, and they matched it really well.


Injector™ - Paul Gilbert's New Signature Pickups

Injector Ad

We first heard about Paul Gilbert in the 1980s. Billy Sheehan told us about an amazing 18-year-old who had recently arrived in California and had blown everyone away with his musicianship, speed, and awesome technical ability in Racer X.

Naturally, we immediately asked Paul to become a DiMarzio® endorser. It was the start of a great relationship.

Recently, Paul has been heavily into our Area™ pickups. He’s also been playing a lot of Racer X-style instrumentals, so the time was right for signature Paul Gilbert single-coil sized DiMarzio® pickups. The outcome of our teamwork is the new Injector™ Neck and Bridge Model pickups. The Injector™ Neck and Bridge Models are hum-canceling singles with superior speed, dynamic range and 40% less magnet-pull than standard single-coils for superior pick attack, speed and clarity. Hear both the Neck and Bridge Injector™ pickups on Paul’s latest CD, Fuzz Universe.


Interview with Billy Corgan on I Heart Guitar

billy corgan

IHG: That takes me to my next question as a guitar geek. How did your signature Fender Stratocaster come about?

BC:  [Laughs] Here’s a great rock n’roll story. I actually approached Fender around 1993, 1994 and I wanted to do a guitar because the band was really popular, and obviously we were playing big concerts full of kids. And they basically told me to fuck off. I think they said ‘We’ll sell you guitars at cost.’ They had no interest in a signature guitar, nothing, and I was really bummed out. And so, through Ginger, the last Smashing Pumpkins bass player – who had a Fender endorsement deal – I had got to meet some of the current Fender people, and I told them the same story, and they said ‘Oh all those people are long gone – we would love to do something with you. We were under the impression you wouldn’t do anything with us. That would be amazing. We were under the impression that you wouldn’t do anything with us.’ So when we sat down to have the meeting, they said ‘Look, we’ll build you whatever you want, we’ve done that with people, but what we really want is something a normal person, any kid can walk in and buy off the wall.’ It really reminded me of when I was poor… I’d go to Guitar Center and I would stand there and look at the wall and think ‘I can’t afford this stuff.’ So they said ‘Can we build a guitar that is a reasonably-priced guitar that anyone can buy?’ And I said ‘I’ll do you one better. Lets’ build a guitar that’s not just for people who play like me. Let’s build a guitar that anybody who plays hard rock or loud alternative music will want to use because it’s a versatile instrument.’ And they said ‘That would be amazing.’ So we worked on that together. It’s not a radical redesign. My whole thing is, I want a heavy guitar that sounds like a Strat. I don’t want a Fender that sounds like a Gibson, with a humbucker dropped in it. So I worked with Steve Blucher from DiMarzio pickups and got my own custom-made pickups from him. He’s a brilliant guy. And nothing makes me happier than to have a musician walk up to me and go ‘Man, I got your guitar and I fuckin’ love it.’ And I’m really proud of it for that. We just had a meeting again and we’re gonna try to do a new-new version with some of the newer technologies that are coming out. We’re really excited about that. I’m actually right now waiting to get some prototypes of the new concepts. 

Read the entire interview at  iheartguitar      logo




Larry DiMarzio Answers Premier Guitar Readers' Questions

larry portrait

Larry DiMarzio answered 10 questions from Premier Guitar readers in their regular feature Go Ahead And Ask. An excerpt from the column follows:

Not only is DiMarzio a significant manufacterer in the pickup world, he was the first gearhead to figure out how to mass-market replacement pickups. Starting with the introduction of the Super Distortion™ and Dual Sound™ pickups in 1971, players could finally swap their guitars' stock pickups for something different. You could say that changed everything. Think about it: A new world of drive and power was just a quick modification away -- you no longer had to buy a new amp, pedal, guitar (or all three) to try to change the fundamental tone that served as the basis of your sound.

Read the full article here pg logo


Announcing New Solderless Pickguards and Pickup Sets

billy corgan strat

The Billy Corgan Pre-Wired Strat Replacement Pickguard by DiMarzio®.

DiMarzio® now offers pre-wired pickguards and pickup sets with solderless installation.  The prewired pickguards are direct drop-in replacements with no soldering or assembly required. The prewired sets include all pickups and controls ready to install and connect with no soldering.

Pickguards are available for Strat and P Bass. Pre-wired pickup sets are available for Tele, Gibson® Les Paul® and J Bass.


John Petrucci's Dream Team

Crunch Lab DP228

In the November 2009 issue of Guitar World Magazine, Eric Kirkland says the bottom line about John Petrucci's DiMarzio® Crunch Lab™ & LiquiFire™ pickups is this: The tones produced by these pickups are musical, harmonically deep, and well defined. Although they are best suited to shredders that want a thick and articulate sound, their magic won't be lost through a bone-clean amp. Better still for Petrucci fans, these two pickups are the quickest way to get the guitarist's formerly elusive tone.

Read the full article Dream Team guitar world logo

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